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Feature Items

  • Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand

    Feedback Sports' Sprint Repair Stand utilizes a design that is popular with European race mechanics who typically remove the wheels before putting bicycles in a repair… [more]

  • Feedback Sports Pro-Classic Bicycle Repair Stand

    Feedeback's Pro-Classic Bicycle Repair Stand is portable enough to take everywhere. It's made of anodized aluminum, weighs just 11 pounds and folds for easy carrying and… [more]

  • Feedback Sports Sport-Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

    Feedback Sports' Sport-Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand is a super-versatile stand at a great value. It's made of anodized aluminum and steel, weighs just 12.5 pounds and… [more]

  • Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight Repair Stand

    Feedback Sports' Pro-Ultralight Repair Stand is awesome for home and portable bike repair. It's made of anodized aluminum, weighs a feathery 10.6 pounds and folds for… [more]

  • Kask K10 Dieci

    Thanks to innovate internal strengthening frame, the K10 Dieci model offers greater mechanical strength. In case of shock the strengthening frame provides structural… [more]

  • Kask Inifinity

    The Infinity is a new category defining helmet. The first to feature fully adjustable vents which close for maximum aero performance, and open for optimum ventilation.… [more]

  • Kask Vertigo

    Vertigo helmet has been designed and developed for a professional use: it is safe, ventilated and aerodynamic. This helmet offers unsurpassed comfort and fit. Vertigo is… [more]

  • Kask Mojito

    Mojito is the most compact and the lightest helmet in the KASK range. Whatever your are.... cycline with energy, protect your head with Mojito! 220 grams [more]


A Drinking Club with a Riding Problem...   

If you are 21 and want to get oustide, meet some new people, get some exercise for an hour or so and then socialize over a 'few cold ones', click here and read on...you do not have to be is great physical shape and you do not have to have the best mountain bike. Just show up at one of the hashes with $5 and see for yourself.

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