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Wilier Triestina GTS - 2014

If you demand top-of-the-line race performance and comfort, Wilier’s GTS will put a smile on your face ride after ride. For awesome acceleration, climbing and power… [more]

Wilier Triestina Zero9 - 2013

Through eyes blurred by wind-smeared tears, you’ll wonder why the cars to the left seem to have come to a halt. Wilier’s Zero9 brings new meaning to the word speed.… [more]

Wilier Triestina GranTurismo - 2013

With sublime road manners and a race-ready attitude, Wilier's GranTurismo keeps you at the front of the pack, whether it's Saturday's group ride, race day or Monday at… [more]

Wilier Triestina Izoard XP - 2013

The Izoard XP has been a top-selling Wilier model for several years and it's easy to see why. It showcases what's made them famous: excellent performance, top ride… [more]

Wilier Triestina Blade Frameset - 2014

Designed to shatter personal bests, Wilier's Blade is one scalding-fast time trial and triathlon machine. Every millimeter of its svelte, stiff and fast 46-Ton aero… [more]


We Proudly Carry Wilier Triestina!

For a bicycle that will max your podium potential, check out our Wilier Triestinas. With Italian passion, legendary design and excellent craftsmanship these bikes inspire a great ride. Stop in and see them in person!

A Drinking Group with a Riding Problem...

If you are 21 and want to get oustide, meet some new people, get some exercise for an hour or so and then socialize over a 'few cold ones', click here and read on...you do not have to be is great physical shape and you do not have to have the best mountain bike. Just show up at one of the hashes with $5 and see for yourself.

Revolutions Cycling Tip of the Day

Pedal Faster, Not Harder – One mistake many new cyclists make is trying to get fit by pushing a hard gear. While there’s a place for this type of (strength) training in cycling, most new cyclists are better off working on cardiovascular fitness, which burns calories, builds the heart and lungs and increases pedaling power. To do this, try shifting into an easier gear and rev your pedals (aim for 90 revolutions per minute, counted on one leg). Riding this way will get you in shape faster and prevent the possibility of knee injury, which comes from pushing a too-hard gear.

Florida Bicycle Laws

There is only one road and it is up to bicyclists and motorists to treat each other with care and respect. Strict adherence to the law is the foundation for this respect.

Florida Bicycle Law PDF File

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