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Wilier Triestina

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Wilier Triestina Blade Frameset - 2015

Designed to shatter personal bests and win, Wilier's Blade Frameset is perfect for building a scalding-fast time trial or triathlon machine. Every millimeter of its svelte, stiff and fast 46-Ton aero monocoque-carbon tubing was analyzed in the wind tunnel with both rider and wheels in motion to… [more]

Wilier Triestina Cento1 AIR Frameset - 2016

With the deft climbing agility of a mountain goat and a Formula One approach to speed and aerodynamics, Wilier’s Cento 1 AIR Frameset will build into a dream bike that does everything, and does it with effortless class. This incredibly light, super-stiff and fast frameset boasts Wilier's AIR 60-Ton… [more]

Wilier Triestina Cento1 SR Frameset - 2016

Wilier lore is reborn in the Cento1 SR Frameset. This stealthy rocket will help you conquer the steepest mountain passes, carve through hairpin descents with steely eyes, and drop the pack — all before flying across the finish line. Wilier's 60-Ton monocoque-carbon provides an uncompromisingly… [more]

Wilier Triestina Zero.7 Frameset - 2016

Wilier’s Zero.7 elevates carbon technology to its highest standards, providing both awesome power transfer and compliance for a distinctly luxurious ride quality, all in an incredibly lightweight frameset. Wilier’s super-stiff 60-ton monocoque-carbon maximizes your every pedal stroke, and it's… [more]

Wilier Triestina Twin Blade Frameset - 2016

Upgrade to Wilier's Twin Blade Frameset and you'll feel like a shark among minnows. This clock-crushing rocket features their super-light and efficient 60-Ton monocoque-carbon construction, a tapered front end for super-stable steering and Wilier’s wind-tunnel-refined Twin Fork. Its… [more]

5 Results
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